Project description

In Romania, the research in the field of elaboration of technologies for the treatment of contaminated soils represents a relatively new research field. The problem of rehabilitation of soil destroyed as a consequence of industrial pollutants action is extremely complex and for its solution it is necessary the cooperation of specialists in several fields: chemistry, physics, biology, pedology, etc. The research activities in this project have a multi-disciplinary character, combining domains such as: agro-chemistry of soil, biology, ecology, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry and physics and geology. The biological decontamination of soils is based on the stimulation of natural phenomena of micro-organisms development, in order to accelerate the pollutants metabolisation process. In the case of organic pollutants, for example, the stimulation of biodegradation is performed effectively by adding mineral (nitrogen, phosphorus) and organic nutrients, as well as by an additional amount of oxygen, often created by the aeration of the contaminated environment. Pursuant to the bio-decontamination process, the organic pollutants and a large part of the inorganic pollutants are destroyed by their decompositions into harmless products. For the biological extraction of heavy metals from the polluted soil, the products added as stimulants should have a close contact with the polluted soil, and the development of the biomass and transformation of polluting compounds should be rigorously pursued, and the sub-products resulted from the decontamination process are supposed to be recovered. RESOLMET will contribute to the improvement of knowledge in the field of soils biological treatment, procedure substantiated by sciences such as: biology, pedology, chemistry, physics, environmental science and engineering. The project will bring additional knowledge to the identification of influence that certain factors such as bio-degradability, type of used micro-organisms, choice of oxidant and nutrient substances, characteristics of soil subjected to depollution have upon the efficiency of the bio-decontamination process.

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